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The DeFi Superconductor

Explore USDA, the most complete and reliable U.S. Dollar stablecoin

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Onchain Euro, Endless possibilities

Discover EURA, the most liquid and scalable Euro stablecoin

Infinite liquidity

USDA is as liquid as USDC. Holders can swap from USDC to USDA, and vice versa, instantly, anytime. No fees, no slippage.

Unwavering stability

USDA & EURA are multi-audited stablecoins designed to withstand adverse market conditions. They rely on innovative price stability mechanisms based on cutting-edge stablecoin research.

Enhanced solvency

USDA & EURA are fully collateralized. They can instantly, and at any time, be redeemed for any token used as collateral in the reserves. They're both fortified by a large equity buffer for an added layer of protection.

Equity Buffer



Liabilities & Equity


Surplus Buffer: This is what would be left in the protocol if all stakeholders redeemed or repaid their USDA debt.

Maximize your low-risk returns from both traditional and decentralized finance by holding stUSD or stEUR.

Angle automatically rebalances its backing (DeFi lending and tokenized securities) to offer the most competitive and secure yield.

Earn yield effortlessly, no action required.
Access traditional finance yields without selling your crypto for fiat!

The best of DeFi and TradFi yields

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Total Value Locked

  • With Angle, your assets are always yours to use as you please, on your terms, at any time
  • The Protocol's reserves are transparently available for public scrutiny at any moment, every day

True ownership,
total transparency

Unlock onchain forex

Exchange USDA and EURA stablecoins at the same price as traditional forex platforms

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Thanks to Angle's deep liquidity, swap any EUR/USD stablecoins onchain at competitive rates

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Borrow, leverage, amplify

Borrow stablecoins from USDC, wstETH, and more at the lowest market rates

Get leverage on your collateral exposure in one click, no upfront fees

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We work with the best

Angle empowers individuals and businesses all around the world to make the most of their assets onchain. Explore apps and services integrated with Angle.

Building a safe economy

Angle Protocol is designed as an all-weather stablecoin infrastructure able to withstand adverse market conditions. Backed by secured debt as well as Euro and Dollar stable assets, EURA & USDA come with robust anti-depeg mechanisms.


Angle is an open-source protocol audited multiple times by the world's leading security firms

Chain SecurityCode4renaSigma Prime

Bug bounty

Earn rewards of up to $500,000 for bugs or vulnerabilities

ImmunefiHats Finance
Three angles

Angle is a DAO, governed by the community of ANGLE token holders

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  • A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to a certain currency, such as the U.S. Dollar or the Euro, or a commodity such as gold. While the price of most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum fluctuates, a stablecoin gives its users the possibility to trade and hold value on the blockchain without being subjected to market volatility.

  • The stability of a stablecoin is ensured by the reserve backing it. When a new stablecoin is issued on the blockchain, assets are added in its reserves. Stablecoins are backed in various ways. Most are backed by fiat, meaning there's 1 dollar in reserve for each stablecoin. With Angle Protocol, USDA and EURA are over-collateralized: there's more value in assets in the reserves than the stablecoins in circulation. This equity buffer further enhances security.

  • There are various stablecoins pegged to different underlying assets, including the Dollar, Euro, Yuan, gold, silver, and more. Other differentiation criteria include the type of assets in the stablecoin reserves, like fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, or real-world assets. Furthermore, variations in functioning, whether centralized, decentralized, or algorithmic, also distinguish stablecoins. Additionally, certain stablecoins like USDA and EURA by Angle Protocol offer the potential to generate yield for their users.

  • Angle’s stablecoins stand out as complete and reliable stablecoins, supported by a robust and innovative Price Stability Module. USDA and EURA are over-collateralized, decentralized and transparent, enabling anyone to verify their reserves in real-time. Furthermore, USDA and EURA generate yield for their users and facilitates competitive pricing when exchanging USD for Euro onchain.

  • Users can get USDA, Angle's Dollar stablecoin, and EURA, Angle's Euro stablecoin, by swapping their assets on the Angle app or decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like 1inch. It is also possible to acquire USDA and EURA by borrowing them against a variety of collaterals.