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stEUR yield-bearing stablecoin
The easiest way to save and earn Euros

Start earning Euro yields passively & securely with stEUR, a trustless savings solution for all

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stEUR is a transparent and permissionless Euro savings solution offering a 0% yield on your EURA deposit.

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Evolution of the value of 100€ invested in the stEUR contract over time

Generate passive income effortlessly


Deposit EURA into the savings product, receive stEUR in exchange, and watch your assets grow effortlessly

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Enter freely with any deposit amount, no fees, on the blockchain of your choice


Exit instantly at any time. There is no lockup period and no withdrawal fees


Calculate your potential savings rewards

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Earn yield from assets in stablecoin reserves


With stEUR, get yield from EURA's yield-bearing assets in reserves, as well as interest rate paid by EURA borrowers


stEUR yield is non dilutive: earn the same regardless of whether you deposit 1€ or 100M€

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Save Euros with peace of mind


The risks associated with participating in Angle's audited savings solution are the same as those involved with owning EURA


With stEUR, take advantage of EURA anti-depeg mechanisms, stable collateral backing as well as of the 0% equity buffer for every EURA in circulation



Liabilities & Equity


Surplus Buffer: This is what would be left in the protocol if all stakeholders redeemed or repaid their EURA debt

Built to be composable

Your savings deposits with Angle are tokenized. Leverage stEUR across the entire DeFi ecosystem.

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  • stEUR is a staked version of EURA earning a native EUR yield paid in EURA. It is a yield-bearing ERC-20 token that can be freely transferred and that is always redeemable for an ever-growing amount of EURA. The value of 1 stEUR is not meant to be 1€: it increases over time as yield continuously accrues to it.

  • The yield is generated by the assets the Angle Protocol holds across its different minting modules. In particular, the Angle Protocol collects yield from the interest rates paid by EURA borrowers in the context of the loans that can be taken through its Borrowing module, and from specific yield-bearing assets in reserve by the protocol.

  • Aside from the smart contract risk, trust assumptions are the same for stEUR and EURA. Returns may vary without notice but the deposited EURA cannot be lent or used in any way. For the risk associated with holding EURA, please refer to the documentation.

  • There are no protocol fees to deposit or withdraw from the stEUR contract. Withdrawals can be performed at any time.

  • When you deposit through this page, either you provide EURA and these are directly deposited in the stEUR contract in exchange for stEUR tokens or your tokens are swapped into EURA before being deposited in the contract. You can deposit as much as you want and withdraw at any moment. There are no lock-ups and no protocol fees for using stEUR.

  • Your EURA is deposited into a dedicated contract within the Angle Protocol commonly referred to as the stEUR contract.

  • You will start earning immediately after depositing your first EURA. You can then stay in the contract and keep earning for as long as you wish (from one block to years). Even in cases where Angle changes the savings rate schedule, your EURA will remain there until you withdraw it.

  • You do not need to manage this position, you will earn more EURA at the rate shown continuously until the rate is adjusted by Angle Protocol following the schedule voted by governance. You do not need to do anything if the EURA Savings Rate changes. You can leave your EURA in the contract and keep your stEUR for as long as you see fit.

  • When users own crypto like stEUR, they have two keys: a public key for receiving funds and a private key for signing transactions. If the private key is shared or compromised, they risk losing access to their funds.

    Users can manage their stEUR with online or offline wallets. Online wallets, or hot wallets, store the private key on internet-connected devices like smartphones, vulnerable to attacks. In contrast, offline wallets, also known as hardware wallets, keep the private key offline in a secure environment.

    Angle Protocol recommends using the Ledger crypto wallet, the industry-leading hardware wallet, to secure stEUR. Ledger ensures robust security with private keys stored on a military-grade security chip and requires a PIN code for access. With complete isolation between private keys — kept on the hardware wallet — and users' computer or mobile device when interacting with crypto service & DApp, the ERC20 Ledger wallet keeps keys safe, granting full control over stEUR.