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Onchain incentives made easy

Optimize your incentive budget or earn more from your liquidity


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Tailor efficient incentive programs towards concentrated liquidity pools


Concentrated liquidity positions can take many shapes. This makes it hard to appropriately reward them.


Customize the type of liquidity provider behavior you want to favor based on your specific needs.


Merkl offchain engine mechanism allows anyone to efficiently incentivize any type of liquidity positions. Offchain computation but verifiable with onchain data.

Free up time to focus on your core product

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Merkl is built so you no longer need to spend time developing specific systems to reward your users: sending incentives onchain is now easily available to anyone without development expertise

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Get your incentive distributions to concentrated liquidity positions started in less than 5 minutes, and seamlessly integrate the Merkl system in your frontend thanks to our API


Track the outcome of your distributions through dedicated analytics and reports

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Non custodial incentives, easily accessible to anyone


There is no smart contract risk with Merkl: you do not need to stake your liquidity to be eligible to Merkl incentives


Rebalance your positions to optimize your returns, and keep effortlessly earning without having to take any further action


Transparently monitor your rewards over time so you can earn more from your liquidity

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Why restrict yourself when you can incentivize any liquidity position?


Rather than incentivizing one specific liquidity management solution for your DEX, get them all at once through just a single integration.


Use Merkl to incentivize at once liquidity providers of virtually any automated liquidity manager.

Get started with Merkl

You are a project willing to incentivize its users, a newly launched AMM or a liquidity manager solution looking to expand its user base, contact us to get onboarded to Merkl.